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The objective of this training is to raise local journalists’ awareness of the potential of the web both as a source and as a tool to spread information, and of the peculiarities of writing on the web. A debate on the new ethical issues that come with web-journalism is also planned.


Journalists are trained to sound recording, sound editing, photo and photo retouching on common software tools. With these skills, journalists are also shown how to produce an audio slideshow for their web reports.


Training comprises a great deal of practical exercises, aimed at the production of reports from A to Z : field reporting and investigation (notes writing, sound and photo recording), multimedia editing, upload on the web site and spreading/promotion on social networks.


The first training session took place from 31 May to 9 June at the Operational Media Centre in Bourdon, Port-au-Prince. Over a dozen journalists participated, coming from different Haitian media : Le Nouvelliste, Le Matin, Radio Métropole, HPN (Haïti Press Network), Alterpresse, Ticket Magazine, TNH (National Haitian Television), Radio Antilles, Radio Télé Zenity,

Thanks to all for your participation. A second session is planned in July.

Participants at the session of June and July 2011

frederick Frederick Alexis

Photograph for Le Nouvelliste and Ticketnet

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francesca Francesca Theosmy Karennine

Journalist for AlterPresse

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kenzy Kenzy Papillon

Journalist for Radio Télé Zenity

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phares Jean-Pharès Jérôme

Journalist for Nouvelliste

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dimitry Dimitry Nader Orisma

Journalist for Ticketnet

ducarmel Ducarmel Lindor

Journalist for Haiti Press Network (HPN)

fredrick Fedrick Jean Pierre

Journalist forHaiti Press Network (HPN)

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jude stanley Jude Stanley Roy

Journalist for AlterPresse

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valery Valery Daudier

Journalist for Nouvelliste

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nathalie Nathalie Clement

Journalist for Radio Antilles Internationale

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walter Walter Cameau

Journalist for Matin

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claude Claude Gilles

Journalist for Nouvelliste

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eddy Eddy Jazil

Journalist for Radio Métropole

stanley Stanley Jean-Pierre

Webmaster for Télévision Nationale Haïtienne (TNH)

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paulemon Mc Haendel Paulémon

Journalist for ENDK / Internews

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orpha Orpha Dessources

Journalist for Radio Boukman

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ernst Ernst Jean-Pierre

Journalist for Radio New-Voté

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liliane Liliane Pierre Paul

Radio Kiskeya director and presenter

jude Jude St Fleur

Journalist for Radio Nationale Haïti / HPS

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myrlande Myrlande Joseph

Journalist for SAKS

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ralph Ralph Joseph

Journalist for ENDK and Internews

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jean lesly Jean Lesly Hilaire

Journalist for Radio Boukman

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sylvestre Sylvestre Fils Dorcilus

Journalist for AlterPresse

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claudja Jeanne Claudja Jocelyn

Journalist for SAKS

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eddy_cantave Eddy Cantave

Journalist for Haïti News 2000

julien Julien Marc-Elie

Journalist for ImpartialNews

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loramus Loramus Rosemond

Journalist for Ticket Magazine

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jean clébert Jean Clébert Hilaire

Culture and Communication Ministry

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romel Romel Jean Pierre

Journalist at Télé Ghetto

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ralph henry Ralph Henry

Journalist for Alterpresse

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Giordano Cossu
Coordinator of the training

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Elodie Vialle
Trainer and editor in chief of

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Thomas Garric
Trainer and freelance webdesigner

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