Giving a voice to the people in the camps is what Ralph Joseph, a young Haitian journalist, goes out to do every day. It is an intense task whereby he witnesses some of the worst struggles and difficulties faced by the Haitian population since the 12 January.

Ralph is the author of “A camp per day”, a feature of a 20-minute programme called ENDK (“Enfomasyon nou dwe konnen”, meaning “Useful News”) and produced by Internews.

He visits a different camp each day, and talks to the people there to understand where the major urgencies are. His reports represent a direct line for the displaced people living in the camps to express their feelings and needs, and at the same time receive news about the other camps.

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We followed Ralph in his visit to the camp in Saint Anne’s square, in Port-au-Prince. The camp is right in the commercial centre of the capital, the area that saw the worst effects of the earthquake. Piles of rubble from collapsed buildings, including those of Saint Anne’s Church, surround the camp from all sides. More than 5,000 people have found refuge here.

In the audio portfolio that follows, we can listen to Ralph’s voice as he describes his day, his experience and learnings, and how he takes in the difficult human stories that he witnesses daily. What emerges is the touching view of a Haitian young man on the tragedy affecting the entire population of his country.

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ENDK is broadcasted daily by a network of 35 radio stations in Haiti. The programme was conceived and set up immediately after the earthquake to provide emergency information to the population. Today the format has evolved but the focus remains on social and useful information.

Listen to Ralph’s report on ENDK